Protect Your Email With Certum S/MIME Certificate

Increase Credibility

The S/MIME Certificate is a proof that you care about the privacy of your electronic correspondence.

Short Issue Time

Individual Certificates are issued automatically, even in 15 minutes, and Business Certificated up to 24 hours.

Email Encryption

Every message sent from a certified email address is encrypted, and thanks to it, the correspondence is safe.

The benefits of Certum S/MIME Certificate

Certum S/MIME Certificate

Email Security

Protect your email privacy by signing and encrypting communication, using Certum S/MIME Certificates.

Thanks to the unique signature function, you will be certain that emails sent by you are well protected against potential leaks or modification. You will also assure the recipient of your identity.

Take advantage of the complex protection provided by our certificates and protect your emails with one click.

User Authentication

The S/MIME Certificate is extremely versatile. You can also use it to protect your Windows Computer, by using the user authentication feature for systems or applications.

S/MIME Certificate Pricing



/ Year

Confirm your identity on the Internet

Recommended for Individuals

Validity period: 1-3 years

Issue time: 15 minutes

Owner’s data: email address

Financial warranty:

6 000 €



/ Year

Confirm the authenticity of your company online

  • Recommended for sole traders
  • small, medium-sized, and big companies
  • financial and insurance institutions
  • e-health
  • online banking
  • administration offices

Validity period: 1-3 years

Issue time: 24 hours

Owner’s data: email address, first and last name, company data

Financial warranty:

60 000 €