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GeoTrust is one of the most trusted web security brands in the world. With a laser-sharp focus on business-class encryption solutions, GeoTrust is an ideal fit for any company or organization looking to secure its websites while staying within its budget.

GeoTrust ssl Certificate pricing

RM250.00/ Year

Validation Type: DV
Issuance: Minutes
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $500,000
No Green Address Bar
No SAN Support
No Vulnerability Assessment
No Seal-in-Search
Static Site Seal
No Wildcard
Unlimited Server Licensing
No Malware Scan

RM390.00/ Year

Validation Type: OV
Issuance: 1-3 Days
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $1,250,000
No Green Address Bar
No SAN Support
No Vulnerability Assessment
No Seal-in-Search
Dynamic Site Seal
No Wildcard
Unlimited Server Licensing
No Malware Scan

RM780.00/ Year

Validation Type: EV
Issuance: 1-5 Days
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $1,500,000
Green Address Bar
No SAN Support
No Vulnerability Assessment
No Seal-in-Search
Dynamic Site Seal
No Wildcard
Unlimited Server Licensing
No Malware Scan

Title: The Essential Guide to SSL Certificates: Securing Your Website and Building Trust


In today's digital landscape, website security is of paramount importance. Users expect to browse the internet safely, confident that their sensitive information remains protected. This is where SSL certificates come into play. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates play a vital role in establishing encrypted connections and building trust between websites and their visitors. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of SSL certificates, exploring their significance, types, benefits, and how they contribute to a secure online environment.

Section 1: What is an SSL Certificate?

1.1 The Fundamentals of SSL:

  • Defining SSL and its role in securing online communications.
  • Understanding encryption and the importance of secure data transmission.
  • Exploring the key components of an SSL certificate.

1.2 How SSL Certificates Work:

  • The process of establishing an SSL connection between a website and a visitor.
  • Explaining the handshake protocol and encryption algorithms used.
  • The role of digital certificates in verifying the authenticity of websites.

Section 2: Types of SSL Certificates:

2.1 Domain Validation (DV) Certificates:

  • An overview of DV certificates and their verification process.
  • Ideal for basic security needs and personal websites.

2.2 Organization Validation (OV) Certificates:

  • Exploring OV certificates and their extended validation requirements.
  • Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, e-commerce sites, and organizations.

2.3 Extended Validation (EV) Certificates:

  • Understanding the highest level of SSL validation.
  • How EV certificates provide enhanced trust indicators in browsers.
  • Benefits for e-commerce platforms, financial institutions, and high-security websites.

2.4 Wildcard and Multi-Domain Certificates:

  • Exploring options for securing multiple subdomains or domains with a single certificate.
  • Ideal for organizations with complex web architectures or those managing multiple websites.

Section 3: Benefits of SSL Certificates:

3.1 Enhanced Security:

  • How SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information, safeguarding it from unauthorized access.
  • Protecting user data during online transactions, logins, and form submissions.

3.2 Trust and Credibility:

  • Building trust with website visitors through visible trust indicators.
  • The significance of trust seals and secure padlocks in assuring users.

3.3 SEO Advantages:

  • Exploring how SSL certificates contribute to improved search engine rankings.
  • The influence of HTTPS on user experience, trust, and website visibility.

Section 4: Selecting and Implementing an SSL Certificate:

4.1 Choosing the Right SSL Certificate:

  • Factors to consider when selecting the appropriate certificate type.
  • Analyzing the security needs, website scope, and budgetary considerations.

4.2 Obtaining and Installing an SSL Certificate:

  • Step-by-step guide to acquiring an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority (CA).
  • Instructions for the installation process on various web servers.

4.3 SSL Certificate Management and Renewal:

  • Best practices for managing SSL certificates.
  • Ensuring timely renewal and maintaining consistent security.


In an era where cyber threats are prevalent, SSL certificates play a crucial role in protecting sensitive information and establishing trust between websites and visitors. By encrypting data, displaying trust indicators, and enhancing website credibility, SSL certificates contribute to a secure online experience. As website owners and administrators, it is imperative to understand the significance of SSL certificates and implement the appropriate type to meet your security needs. Embrace the power of SSL certificates to secure your website, gain a competitive edge, and foster trust in your online presence.

Remember, SSL certificates are not optional but essential for creating a safe and trustworthy online environment. Invest in the right SSL certificate today and embark on the journey of secure web communication.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information about SSL certificates and should not be considered as professional advice. For specific recommendations and implementation guidance, consult with a certified SSL provider or cybersecurity professional.

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